Dead Bronco

down that open road, he rides all night so no one sees his face

A bounty on his head, a million bucks to see that fucker dead

He sold his soul with a vengeance in his heart and blood reeking on his breath

And he won’t ever quit till the job is done and Satan calls to rest

14 years ago, they took his wife and tossed her in a gutter

Lying there on the floor, with a bullet in his heart and the hour marking 12

He’s got ten miles left to go, your boy will be sitting at the bar so don’t be late

Cause Satan’s come to claim his debt, got to pay up now its time to meet his fate

Old Bill Watson was a slave driving man his whole life through

He pressed that ice cold barrel against his head and watched that bleeding dog die

He put a fucking bullet in his eye

Brothers be forewarned, if you don’t want to meet your ghost

Lock up all your doors, cause the Devil is coming and he’s looking for a soul

The graveyard digger with a smile on his face, welcomes boys and girls to judgment day

And I know life is hard and we’re looking for a break but your evil deeds they’ll be no escape

So watch what you do, what you done, and where you been cause it always comes back

Cause if you like the face of trouble at your door, they’ll be no mercy shown for your ass

The Devil will come looking for you 

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