Drinking Song

Im heading over to downtown to have myself a beer

I´m already pissed off drunk and got Satan behind the wheel

Oh Lord, where did I go wrong?

So won’t to tell my baby mama that I wont be coming home!
I ride that train, Fucking all the time, drinking and I’m smoking
and doing all types of lines.
Oh Lord, You don’t know me none
Cuase if you ain´t no country cooking mama, you wont turn me on!
Tired of dealing with stupid people all the time, fucking around with demons
Always drinking all my wine
Oh Lord, where did I go wrong?
Cause if you say you can out drink me well now
boy you better back that up!
I drink all the time just to get me along through the day
It’s the only thing i got that will put a fucking smile on my face.

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