Hard Liquor Goes Down Quicker

I ain’t the type of man to believe love to be true
Lord knows my reasons why
but when I heard you had a lover, not just one but two
Well now we’re through, you and I
She’s the kinda girl could see the demon in her eyes
Her heart black as coal she’d eat you up alive
When you left me on the side of the road like a god damn dog
you was blind, yeah you was blind
You don’t have to go
cause I would never stay
you don’t have to tell me
cause i’ve already walked away
Serve me up another bourbon not just one but two
cause we’re through, you and I
There’s nothing sacred in this world anymore
no respect for another man’s wife
So the next time you go cheating on the one who maintains you
Well you’ll be through, left alone to die.

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