I was raised by tears and violence

Prayers go along way

I didn’t see it was a problem

At war against myself

My prophet pukes his horror

He spits it in my mouth

Crows scream your name with choler before they smash against the glass

Hear my prayer lord

When will the cancer take hold again

Make it spread till hes all gone from his legs to his entire head

Oh hear my prayer, force feed it

Our lady queen of of sorrow

Help a christian out

So how about it babe how about it

Im a product of the shit you left me in

Hear my prayer lord

When will the cancer take a hold

Make it spread till he’s good and dead

I realize that its to late for my wicked soul, stay somber

I can see it in your beedy eyes, yea those lifeless beedy little eyes that your lying

You’re always lying to me, there’s always something you can lie to me about

I think I like it lord

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