Rambling on my Mind

Rambling on my Mind
In the morning when I wake up, I’m broken hearted
It’s been six long years with out my woman by my side
Darling I sure now hope you can forgive me
I’ve changed mama but I got rambling on my mind
Some people say I ain’t worth nothing
It don’t matter if  I’ve served or paid for my crime
All I have with me is my pride and a sack full of broken memories
I’ve changed mama but I got rambling on my mind
It’s been a rough and rocky road travelling this lonesome highway alone
Some people find their comfort in family our a little white picket fence
Oh not me mama no, I got rambling and gambling in my soul
I swear I’ve changed now mama, but I gotta keep moving on
When I feel that cold north wind
It starts blowing me into sin
It takes me further and further away from where I should or ought to have been
Oh lord, I think you know I’m going to change my direction
I’m sorry mama, but I got rambling on my mind

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