The Ballad of Tommy Boy

He ain’t got no time for no Sunday morning church

O Lord he’s got some money left to spend

He’s been thrown out of every bar with nowhere left to go

Tommy boy don’t forget what you’ve been told,

Pick up all your shit and go on home

He’s out there running around with married girls in town

But he ain’t the one to blame

With a busted face, broken noise, and a dislocated jaw

Tommy Boy don’t forget what you’ve been told

Pick up all your shit and go on home

That Tommy Boy he’ll never learn

Running around with all those loose women

he’s going to get what he deserves

I know your game when you throw those pearly whites

But don’t go around fucking with my wife

Oh Tommy boy, don’t play with fire cause your bound to get burned

Don’t make your mama bury her only son

It ain’t my fault that all them ladies all dig me

I’m a show man baby just look at me

I got a fancy brand new car and some shiny diamond rings

Tommy boy ridding in his Cadillac depending on a hound dog to

watch his back

The problem here ain’t mine, but maybe its all yours

Cause if she wants to fuck with me it’s cause you don’t satisfy her

And fighting’s ll that pee-brain of yours knows how to do

So control your trick cause I don’t want to fight no more 

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